1000 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I picked up this book, 1000 Things You Don’t Know About Me, at my favorite grocery store. I’d been trying to find something that could stimulate my brain to blog because, like many bloggers, I don’t think I’m particularly interesting. So, when I saw this and thumbed through it, I knew I had something I could use. By the way, this book is in a journal-style format by Piccadilly (USA), Inc.

Every couple of weeks I’ll randomly pick a page and a prompt. We’ll see what shakes out of my brain from there.

People don’t believe me when I tell them…

I am a really good archer. For those of you who don’t know, an archer is someone who practices the sport of archery. I started shooting a bow and arrow(s) when I was about nine. My first bow was a little Red Bear recurve bow (that was red). My brother had gotten a bigger, fancier bow kit, so to keep quiet, I got the starter kit, which was fine.

We lived in the county, so shooting in the backyard was common. We had no neighbors near us, so we stacked straw bales and tacked up our targets with the twine holding the bales together. I continued shooting archery throughout high school and stopped when I started college. Not sure why since I got a lot of pleasure out of it.

Archery made a resurgence in my life after I was married and had kids. I wanted them to enjoy the sport, so we surprised them with their own equipment one year at Christmas. I even turned the Mister on to the sport. The kids participated in a youth league and moved on to shoot in 4-H archery (I LOVE 4-H, and it’s not just for country kids. 4-H is EVERYWHERE!).

Archery is about stability, focus, breath control, and learning when to release the arrow – a good sport for a kid who struggles with ADHD as our son did. He became, and is, an excellent archer. His older sister, well that’s another story.

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