The Very First Thing I Bought with My Own Money was…

The very first thing I bought with my own money was…

A John Denver’s Greatest Hits album at Recordland in one of the malls in town (far out).

I LOVE him and miss hearing new stuff from him. If a tune of his comes on the radio in the car, I will sit in the driveway or parking lot until the song is over.

Among his albums, I have Greatest Hits; Rocky Mountain High; An Evening with John Denver; Poems, Prayers, and Promises; and Farewell Andromeda. I think I bought a couple through Columbia House. Remember Columbia House? For a penny, you sign up and get X records for joining, and then they’d sock it to you with astronomical prices.

But I digress. When I was able to buy my music (from my babysitting gigs), lots of my friends were buying Zepplin, the Stones, and the Who (whom I L.O.V.E. – but did not get into them until I was in my 30s), so I hid the fact that I was spending money on John Denver. Of course, 47 years later feeling embarassed like that is so completely ridiculous.

So, what was the first thing you bought with your own money? What was the first music you purchased – vinyl, cassette, CD? Leave a comment.

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