I’m an Extrovert When…

I’m an extrovert when…

I’m with particular friends and family members – y’all know who you are – and we’re laughing. It can be while we’re eating, crafting, or just visiting and laughing so hard sometimes there are tears in our eyes. And it’s usually about something ridiculous that someone did or said. Happily, there’s a lot of ridiculousness in my life.

My sisters all have marvelous senses of humor, which we get from our mom’s side of the family. My older sister has a cackle in her laugh, my younger sisters have more of a chortle, and my laugh, well it’s usually like a deep belly laugh especially if I’m caught off guard. It gets a wee bit louder if I’ve had a couple of rum & cokes, just an fyi.

Current (and a specific batch of former) co-workers are also in the mix of people who can flip my extrovert switch. We can (and could) bust each other’s chops off and on all day. If you can’t have some laughs at work while getting all your tasks done, you’re working in the wrong place, especially if your job is creative. You can’t create if you’re being stifled.

Converesly, I can be an introvert, which is a differt post entirely. I do know a couple of textbook introverts who, when coaxed out of their shells, had some wicked humor to share with the group. I miss them.

So, yeah, it’s people who light up my insides to feel and be happy. They are all I need to flip my extrovert switch.

How about you? Introvert? Extrovert? Depends who you’re with? Leave a comment.

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