If I Were to Mentor Someone, the First Thing I Would Try to Teach Them is…


I believe those six words need to be repeated to every child, tween, and teen, especially girls, and kids trying to find their gender identity. LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!

I know that is easy to say when you’re not a hot mess of ugly face crying. I know. I went through this when I was growing up as a chubby little kid, tween, and teen constantly teased about my weight by family members and kids at school.

I can’t remember exactly when this sunk in for me, but it was one of my highschool teachers who turned my mindset around. His message was clear. To hell with what the popular girls think of you or what the jocks think, for that matter. THEY DO NOT DEFINE YOU! I know it seems like they do, especially when you’ve got to get through 12 years of school ⁷and with these people. THEY DO NOT DEFINE YOU!

This is not to say that popular girls and gorgeous guys won’t want to be your friend. A lot of them do, but it’s the assholes among them who get into your head to screw with your self-worth. Try with all your might not to let them in there. That’s giving them power over how you feel about yourself. NEVER give another person your power. Your self-worth is your power. Your brains are your power. Your talents are your power. Your UNIQUENESS is your power. Your WEIRDNESS is your power. You have a lot of power. Keep hold of your power and use it for good.

I know this is all very easy to say. I would get told to “just ignore them,” which is hard to do five days a week, or, worse yet, you live under the same roof.  It’s harder to protect yourself; people have become so savage – verbally and physically. Find your people and stick together. Find unique people like you. Find weird people like you. Find brainy people like you. Always remember, those others, THEY DO NOT DEFINE YOU!

So, love yourself more than anyone else. Define yourself.

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