Once I Totally Binged On…

Once I totally binged on…

Jessica Jones.

It wasn’t because I was into the whole comic scene brought to life. I binged because David Tennant was the villain, Purple Man – Kevin Killgrave.

David Tennant is my Doctor. His father-in-law, Peter Davison, was my Doctor (#5), but when Doctor Who was rebooted, David became my Doctor (#10, and now #14 – spoilers). Anyway, Jessica Jones…

A former co-worker, Sean, had suggested we (hubby and moi) watch it. Sean did his damndest as we went back and forth about the plot, David Tennant, the Luke Cage character, and I’m sorry if I’ve lost you. Eventally, I promised Sean we’d watch the first episode, and if we liked it, we’d watch more. After the first episode, we were hooked and ended up staying up until nearly three in the morning (thank God it had been Friday night). Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night to finish out the series.

On Monday, Sean asked what we thought of the one episode I had promised him we’d watch. He was pretty proud of himself for hooking me into watching it.

It was ridiculously good, and David Tennant was the best villain. I couldn’t picture it going in, but he was pretty frightening. I’d watch David Tennant read the phone book aloud; that’s how much I love him. But, yeah, Jessica Jones was the perfect choice for me to watch to pull me into the world of the comic genre, and it’s all because of Sean.

Wherever you are, buddy, I hope you’re living your best life and turning others on to the world of superheroes and the villains who love to eff with them.

So what was one thing you binged on? A series (oh, Bridgerton), food, books? Tell me in the comments.

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