I’m Hard to Please When it Comes to

I’m hard to please when it comes to…

Food. I do not have an adventuresome palate; in fact, my range of food likes rivals that of a small child.

I can’t eat spicy food and never have been. Spicy and my stomach do not like each other and it’s painful.

Vegetables and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate raw veggies but like steamed, stir fry, grilled, and cooked ones. Essentially, they gotta be hot for me to eat them. Soups is where I get my veggie intake. I’ll take a mug o’soup with a few crackers or a warm breadstick for dipping, and I am set for lunch or dinner any time of the year.

Raw fruits are a little different, and I mean just a little bit. I love bananas, but I am not supposed to eat those due to some underlying kidney stuff. I love apples, but they have to be Red Delicious. I wouldn’t say I like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, or limes, but orange and pineapple juice and lemonade are delish (love raspberry lemonade). See? Small child.

Now, don’t say, “Oh, just try it!” because I have. My mom made us try everything before we could pronounce a dislike. I’ve revisited former “yucky foods” as I’ve aged, and not much has changed.

I didn’t pass this finicky palate on to my children or grandchildren. When they were young and my kids were eating something I didn’t like, I always said, “No, thank you. I’ll have some later” or “I’m having this right now, but thank you for wanting to share” and it worked. Both my kids have really broad palates, as does my oldest grandchild. They get that from my husband. I am painfully aware of that fact.

Let’s wrap this New Year food fest up with a recipe from Girl vs Dough and her (and my mom’s) Dutch Carmel Apple Pie. In a word it’s YUMMYLICIOUS. Who can turn down pie?

You can thank me later 😊 Oh, Happy New Year!

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