Shop Like Me

If you’re new to wreathmaking, finding quality supplies can be hard to do mostly because you just don’t know where to shop. The dollar-type stores can be a surprisingly good place to get wire wreath frames, filler florals, and attachments, and Walmart has really uped their game with some really beautiful florals.

If your goal is to sell your wreaths, you’ll want to get supplies from vendors who sell quality products – which doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

I’ll be adding affiliate links to places where I shop so you can shop like me. By clicking my links, you help me earn a small commission from these suppliers for sending business their way.

Hot Mesh Mom – I buy my MDF wreath frames (great for making pancake wreaths), wreath rails, signs, and mesh from Kari and Richard at Hot Mesh Mom.

Creative Fabrica is were I go to find inspiration and designs for me print-on-demand products like clothing and cups and mugs. You can use my affiliate link to download files – great for you Cricut users!

Want to learn to make amazing bows for your holiday trees (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Halloween, etc.) gifts, and home decor accessorizing? Then the It’s Bow Season class from DecoExchange is the class to watch online. So many different bows are shown from making bows by hand to using different bow makers.

DecoExchange, based in Louisiana, offers online workshops throughout the year that are fabulous opportunities to learn new things in crafting. The most recent, You’re Invited Workshop, is something you won’t want to miss out on watching.